Last week my family and I decided to dine out at my local Thai. Thai food is amazing and the restaurant never seems to disappoint, however, after being seated, it was clear something was off. The atmosphere was different and the aroma of Pad-Thai’s that usually fills the room was instead dominated by a musty smell of sweat. As I looked over my shoulder I noticed the line of figures concealed in leather motorcycling jackets, balaclavas and finally monstrous crash helmets. Inscribed on their humongous square backpacks was the word ‘Deliveroo’. Don’t get me wrong, I love the convenience of being able to order a delicious meal from my phone and for it to arrive at my house ten minutes later, however, when it’s disrupting people’s meals who have decided to eat out it’s not just. Unfortunately, the waiter had situated us at a table beside the door which, to make matters worse, meant every time someone entered we would get a frigid arctic blast from outside. As the evening went on and we progressed through our meal the endless stream of worker ants entering and leaving the restaurant failed to cease. The restaurant was clearly prioritising takeaway orders and it felt like an eternity before we finally received our meal. My yellow chicken curry was amazing, the sauce was a perfect blend of spices and the chicken was succulent however I felt there wasn’t one moment where there wasn’t a great figure looming over me or where I wasn’t shivering in the cold. Takeaway services have gone too far now and have really put a dampener on what should be a great evening. I’m still dumbfounded that restaurants don’t have specific kitchens set up for takeaway meals so that they don’t need to invade the space of those dining out.