Black history month was first launched in 1987 in the UK. Black history month occurs annually and commemorates the achievements of the people in the black community. 

Significant people such as.... 

 Nelson Mandela  

Who fought for those who were disadvantaged by the system of racial segregation and was also in prison for 27 years of his life as a stand. 

 Martin Luther king. JR 

Who was an American Christian minister best known for his famous speech.  

‘I have a dream...’ 

 Rosa parks 

Who was known as the girl who sat on this bus and didn’t get up– there was a rule that when white people entered the bus and there was a black person sitting down, that black person would have to stand up to let the white person sit down. Parks made a standby refusing to get up. 

 It all started with historian Carter G.Woodson and the study of negro life. The second week of February was announced to be ‘negro history week’. Woodson believed that celebrating black history was significant because ‘if a race has no history, it has no worthwhile tradition’. This gained a lot of recognition which started things such as black history club and encouraging the government in the USA to endorse black history as a holiday. 

Black history is celebrated in schools and communities until this day worldwide including ours! Yes, black history month is celebrated right here in Gumley house convent school,Isleworth. It’s a time of the year where teachers, students, headteachers and parents get together as a large family. There are many acts such poems related to black history. Last year there was a year 11 student who presented a poem on African/African American hair – explaining no matter what your hair type is that your beautiful as some people with African/African American hair may feel different and not comfortable with themselves. There was also a group of students who had performed a dance where they were dancing to both African and Caribbean music to convey the strong and diverse culture they have.