Wimbledon celebrates the festive season with various Christmas events available to the public whether they live in Wimbledon or not. 

On Saturday the 30th November 2019 Wimbledon has once again opened its delightful Christmas Market for the public to enjoy. They can buy unique and beautiful gifts to give to family and friends for Christmas Day or they can have scrumptious and delicious festive treats from the food market. One member of the public who was shopping for a Christmas present to give to her boyfriend, Danielle Richardson, said that the Wimbledon Christmas market is the “perfect place to buy thoughtful presents for your loved ones”. She has also commented that some of the gifts available to purchase are “reasonably cheap and is much better than any retail store”. This is very true, though Black Friday recently began and ended, some products from popular retail stores are still expensive and unaffordable. If you’re financially struggling to buy the perfect present for a family member, friend or loved one, you can always pop down to the festive market and search for hidden gems amongst the crowd of consumers and sellers. 

The market is only available on special holidays or occasions, such as Easter or Halloween. However during the Christmas season, the market is packed with joyful customers, purchasing exquisite items, wrapping it up carefully with festive wrapping paper and placing that item under the Christmas tree till Christmas Day. Not only that but Wimbledon offers so much more during the Christmas season, such as the dazzling lights around the trees and buildings, the Christmas sales in many stores and finally the latest festive movies in the ODEAN cinema. If you live in or near Wimbledon, then this is an exciting time for you.