I am sure that you can imagine the difficulties that members of staff at the Thames Valley Air Ambulance have to deal with as they eagerly and tirelessly attempt to save as many lives as possible while relying solely on the support and donations of the public. 

Firstly, as the air ambulance can get patients to hospitals faster, they increase the patients’ chances of survival, which should be the main priority when it comes to health-related services. Moreover, by funding The Thames Valley Air Ambulance, the government will be able to contribute to the potential decrease in the time taken for people who are injured or severely unwell to be treated. Therefore, it is imperative for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance to continually receive donations from people.  

Furthermore, the fact that Thames Valley Air Ambulance is a non-governmental organisation means that it could be shut down at any time if they are not able to get the support and donations that they need from the public, which is why it is essential for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance to be funded by the government. If Thames Valley Air Ambulance is not receiving enough support from the public and unfortunately must be shut down, a large majority of people in desperate need of care and treatment may be at risk of further harm or death. In addition, any organisation that works to improve the lives of others should be funded by the government as they work in attempt to increase the life expectancy and available health care being provided to the country.