Teddington Lights up – By Natasha Radosavljevic, Esher College Lots of towns participate in doing a ‘lights up’ event. These commemorate the start of December and the festive period of the year coinciding with Christmas. If lots of places do these things then what makes Teddington Lights Up so special?

Teddington Lights up is the main event yearly that brings the entire community in Teddington together to watch the lights go on. It marks the holiday season and the thing that makes it so special is that we are all there together when it begins.

This year the lights went up on Thursday 27thNovember. Mixtures of adults, teenagers and children filled the streets on Thursday night. The community work hard to bring about a fun night for all. It is a traditional event that has been taking place every year for a long time. As Teddington is a relatively small town it is close-knit making the evening that much better. There is live music and plenty of food and drink available for all. The pink sight of cotton candy attracts lots of kids. The smell of the mulled wine fascinates the adults. Most establishments in Teddington take the night to appreciate the people in the town by offering lots of food and drink on discounts or free of price. Teddington lights up is fun for all which is evident by the sheer multitude of people crowding all the streets. Various events are held to help fundraise for this event. The crowd all wait together for the tree to light up and the Christmas season to begin.

By Natasha Radosavljevic