The Culling - By Natasha Radosavljevic, Esher College Each year in Bushy Park an average of 90 deer are culled, amounting to around 30% of the population in the park. The majestic deer roam freely in Bushy park and are a delight for visitors. Owners The Royal Parks ‘claim’ that humane culling is for the good of the herd in the long-term. The primary aim of that is ‘deer welfare’.

They believe that they are doing the right thing when really why should we have a say in their so called welfare. This is a polite way of saying that they need the space and money. Who are we to decide who lives and who dies. They roam carelessly, these innocent creatures cause no harm to anything or anyone. They are unaware of the dangers that come annually each year from the beginning of September and November. How would you feel if someone entered your home at night with no warning and took away your family? The deer have inhabited the park for many centuries with evidence of them dating back to Henry VIII. With such a heritage how dare we instruct the population. Although The Royal Parks suggest that the only reason for the unnecessary cull is deer welfare, there is a financial outcome in this. A Freedom of Information request discovered the amount of money made off this inhumane cull. The Venison from the deer culled in The Royal Parks was sold to a game dealer for more than £250,000 in the past five years. They are making money off this tragedy. This greed is appalling as it has people thinking if The Royal Parks really has the Deer’s best intentions at heart. As well as selfish and inhumane, this cull is dangerous. In order to ‘put down’ the deer firearms are in use. This can result in injuries as lots of teenagers wander the parks late at night. They say that they have safety procedures but there is a huge risk when using guns, especially in a public place for all the wrong reasons. As a society we make a huge deal about the use of guns but here we are allowing people to eradicate these beautiful animals. What is so humane about ending these animals lives?

by natasha radosavljevic