It nearly Christmas, where it one of the most fun and joyful times of the year where family and friends come together to celebrate the birth of Christ. I had the pleasure on  Thursday 14th November to see the Christmas lights switch on in Kingston upon Thames at 6.00pm it was a beautiful thing to see as friends were their together celebrating that the Christmas season has started. 

The streets were crowded making it very hard to get pass and see the Christmas tree by the Bentall’s/ john Lewis. The lights turned on at 6.00pm, firstly the Christmas tree turned on which lighted up the streets and then the other decorations on the lamppost and buildings. The lights turned on once where everyone cheered and were so happy then they turned off and turned on again which everyone cheered again. 

After the Christmas lights were on, the Christmas market by the church was open, this was where people could buy Christmas presents, something to eat and get hot chocolate to drink and feel like they are in a festive mood. The market sold different types of cheeses, chocolates and sweets, different drinks and many more. 

Kingston looked very festive there was a stage by wafflemeister where there were different performances from choirs and children singing Christmas songs like rockin around the Christmas tree, jingle bells and frosty the snowman. The stage was flashing a hot pink colour and lit up the streets were a lot of people gathered to watch the performance, which made it hard to pass. 

It was a wonderful event. A young women told me “ that it was very crowded however her and her family had a good time watching the lights, listening to Christmas music  and doing some late night shopping which put her in a festive mood”. 

By Grace Harris