Aliens, vampires, superheroes, wizards and more as well as mere mortals gathered together in London ExCel centre, East London, on the weekend of 25th – 27th October as part of Comic Con 2019.

Throughout the weekend a wide range of celebrities such as actors, voice actors, writers, directors and social media influencers were there to sign autographs, have pictures taken with fans and sit on panels where visitors could ask them questions.

Celebrities that attended included: Tom Ska, Kick the PJ, Simon Pegg , Connie Glynn, Jessica Barden, Sophia Lillis, Wyatt Oleff and Jaeden Martell.

Across the venue artists displayed prints for people to buy. There were stalls selling merchandise, graphic novels, scripts and other goods related to film, TV and books. There was also a section where people could play video games.

Aside from all the organised features, one of the most interesting parts of visiting Comic Con is to see the wide range of characters that visitors dressed as. The effort that many people made was astonishing. One person dressed as Bumble Bee from transformers. This costume was gigantic and actually looked and moved like a real robot. Many families and groups dressed up in themed costumes from favourite shows or books.

Hira who visited with me said “my favourite part was seeing everyone who went to Comic Con, especially the costumes they wore. Everyone had such creative, in some cases gorgeous, costumes that I adored. Not only did it show their creativity but also showed what kind of things they loved. It was almost like seeing a little part of them and I just found that really cool.”

Mia's favourite part was meeting content creators and artists that she loved. She said “I managed to see so much talent within the art stalls that blew me away”.

Comic Con is a great day out. If you haven’t been it is highly recommended that you do next time it comes to a town near you.

Hannah Padbury, Gumley