4,530,000,000 years old. The oldest organism is not treated with respect - Mother Earth.

Climate change is a complicated problem. We care but the way we talk about it makes us push this problem away. This problem seems far away in both time and space. We feel that the effects won't be felt until generations have passed and that it will only affect polar bears or developing countries. But we are wrong.

We have already faced enormous, scary climate change issues before. Remember that hole in the ozone layer? As unconquerable as it seemed to be in the 1970's and 80's, we managed to wrap our head around it and took action because people got this simple, concrete image of this protective layer around the Earth that protected us from getting skin cancer. People listened to scientists and stopped using their hairsprays and as a result of this by 2050 the ozone layer will be healed. Great, right.

So our baby bloomers healed the 'ozone hole' so what is this generation doing to save our planet from increase greenhouse emission? Londoners and others around the world have finally woken up to this disrespect and started to march their streets to... prove a point? show awareness? persuade the government to make a law? or just to skip work or school? What exactly did they block the streets of London for? This is the question my history teacher asked all of us on the day of the march. It got us thinking, yes some of these people probably care about the environment but some students are probably just likely to be there to skip school. Why couldn't they hold it on the weekend? Maybe to attract more attention to their march. This strike was held on a weekday, causing chaos in the streets of London and traffic. Protecting the Earth is vital but isn't there a better way to do it? If they arranged to march the streets of London, could they have not arranged to pick up litter on the streets of London or their local areas?

MrBeast, a Youtuber, planned to plant 20 million trees because he hit 20 million subscribers. Even though he only managed to plant 1700 trees, he partnered up with Arbor Day Foundation (the largest non-profit tree-planting organization in the world) to collect donations to plant more trees. Every dollar plants one tree, MrBeast has already donated $100,000. 

Why don't you do something to save Mother Nature?