As nearly everyone knows, learning more than one language has been critical for hundreds of years to any country's economy. If everyone only spoke their own language, trade and anything to do with business would be very different and affected greatly.

Ever since recent times, learning a new language and choosing it for GCSE's has been compulsary in all secondary schools, therefore encouraging students to continue learning it for years to come. But this law has since then changed, making picking a language for GCSE's non-compulsary.

In my opinion, this is like taking a step backwards for our economy, as it has already been surveyed that 62% of people in the UK cannot speak another language. It is important that we bring up new generations learning foreign languages, not only for the benefit of being able to communicate better, but to lessen the ridiculous figure of £48bn that the UK economy are losing a year (provided by James Foreman-Peck) just because people are entering the business world only speaking one language. Compared to other countries in Europe such as Luxembourg and Norway that have an 100% rate of speaking two or more languages, the UK is soon to be left behind in the business industry - which should leave UK citizens wondering what that means for our future.