A multicultural society or institution is one that recognises and gives value to different cultures/ ethnic groups. Due to an increase in migration within the UK our society has gradually become more and more diverse. However, in light of Brexit is this changing?

In a recent article published by The Guardian newspaper entitled ‘'The Brexodus is under way': meet the Brits leaving the UK’ it was stated that in the following the Brexit vote, 17000 British people sought citizenship of another country.

According to evidence obtained from the 2011 UK Census, Croydon itself has a very significant immigrant population. Croydon has a lower level of residents born in the UK than the national average and a higher rate of residents either born in other EU countries or outside the EU. So, what does Brexit mean for our local area?

With many immigrant citizens feeling less and less welcome in Croydon in the wake of Brexit this means that our community could begin to change quite dramatically in the coming months and years. As well as this, it means that on a whole our society will inevitably become less diverse.

A lack of diversity can have many ramifications in both our current society and in the future, which is why it is important that minority groups do not feel forced out of their local community. A multicultural community is the core of our postmodern society, but due to our current political climate is our society multicultural enough?