Although March 30th marks the end of womens in the UK, the appreciation of  the worlds women shouldn’t only take place during a period of 31 days, but rather each day of every month. Every 24 hours should be a day of appreciation towards our mothers, wives, sisters and aunts.

March 31st is the date most sons and husbands have underlined on their calendars, planning to dedicate every single minute of the day to proving their love to their respective mothers and wives, with flowers and chocolate being the highest sold items almost every mothers day and it is most female carers favourite day (my mother especially). Mothers days isn't always directly aimed at mothers exclusively as many appreciate their teachers, nurses, female housemaids or even neighbours.

However, it also a day of remembrance and mourning to those who lost their mothers, or any mother-like figure in their life. It is a day to not only appreciate their mothers memory, but also remembering their mothers lives and reminiscing on their memories. For many it is a day of dread and a 24 hours filled with heartbreak as there exist those who due to whatever unfortunate circumstances were never given the opportunity to know their mothers, or have never felt a mothers love.

I spare a thought to those individuals who have lost or never had the ability or chance to have children of their own. Mother's day is universal and belongs to everyone, mother or not.

Today's society is constantly changing  and the importance in the role of women is constantly increasing.

Females make up the majority of nurses, teachers and social workers and counselors today,with an increasing number in many different industries proving that they can do the same jobs as men just as efficiently if not better, whilst redefining the standard for women in places if work.

Despite women’s month coming to an end, the appreciation of women should extend to beyond 31 days, as the importance of strong mothers cannot be underemphasized.