As part of Tglc (tomorrow global leaders conference) 2019 which was held  in Frankfurt, Germany and  which took place from 27th to the 30th of April on the last day, Tuesday the 30th of April 2019, a lecture was held on the topic of leadership and what qualities and characteristic are what makes the best leaders. The lecture was led by Ralf Juhre who is a German managing director for Ingenior trading and consulting which is an internationally operating training and consulting company as suggested by the name itself.

The managing director proceeds to talk to us about the characteristics and qualities of a leader and how to know your strengths and weaknesses while also allowing some people to be able to develop their own skills and traits to become a better leader whether it be in a work place, education or within your social life. The mission statement of this company is 'unfolding potentials - making people and organisations successful! High technical competence of the technical staff is a basic requirement for the  success of your company. Only when this is supplemented by empathic leadership of employees, excellent communication and focused accompaniment of change processes, you have the recipe that makes your company successful in the long term.'

Ralf Juhre also gave other advise and warnings about leadership and how to use your power as a leader to. Promote growth within the members of the group rather than applying pressure and authority which would lead to fear in the members which will make them lose their creative ability as they are over taken by fear. He also told the audience alot of information about the company he works on and his perspective of leadership.