Liverpool are currently at the top of the Premier League with 88 points however Manchester City are close behind with 86 points. With the end of the league so soon in May, many people are questioning who will win the League; and a few factors can help us out.

One important factor is the upcoming fixtures. A few weeks ago, Manchester City were knocked out of the Champions League by rival English side Tottenham in the quarter-finals. However, Liverpool progressed through the same quarter-final stage after a smooth victory over Porto. Although it is a great victory to progress to the final four of the Champions League, it may be better to stay out of the competition if you want to win the Premier League. This is because Liverpool now have more games to play. If Klopp sees the Champions League as more important than the Premier League, he may rest players in the Prem, leading to a more likely chance of defeat and thus ruining their chances of Premier League victory. City also have an important cup fixture ahead in the form of the FA cup final against Watford on the 18th May.

The upcoming Premier League fixtures also have an important role to play in this title race. What is  important to take note of is that City have 4 more games to play compared to Liverpool’s 3. There is both a positive and negative side to this. More games means more points available, and if City win their next game and equal the number of games played with Liverpool they will be 1 point clear on the table. However, some players may get tired and not be able to play as well dependent on their current fitness; however this is unlikely as City have been in incredible form this season and their players seem to be full of energy.

Liverpool’s last 3 games should be simple, especially given their amazing form recently, winning all of their last five games. The first game is against a weak Huddersfield who are guaranteed to fall down to the Championship and show little signs of winning given that they have lost all of their last 5 games. Following this, Liverpool will play Newcastle who have failed to secure a win in their last 3 games, however can be a difficult squad to face if in good form. Liverpool’s final and most difficult game is against Wolves, who although are in 10th position, are known to be a tough opponent against Liverpool as shown when they knocked the Liverpudlians out early in the FA cup.

Man City, although harder than Liverpool’s, have a relatively easy set of games ahead of them. Like Liverpool, they have won all of their last five games in amazing style, however given a surprise Champions League loss to Tottenham, people may worry if they’re in good form. The first of their fixtures is against Manchester United in the Manchester derby. Usually this game is intensely close however United have been in disastrous form recently and have the highest odds of losing the game that they have ever received. Following this game is a game against Burnley who have been quite consistent recently yet may not have the skill to beat City. Leicester is the third opponent to face and arguably the most difficult given their 3 game win streak. City’s season will end in a game against Brighton who are fighting against relegation. That game should be an easy win for City.

A final factor that must be taken into account is the injuries both sides are suffering. City have one of their main men unable to play, Kevin De Bruyne, and it is unconfirmed when he will be able to play again. Liverpool have two injuries: Dejan Lovren who should be returning soon following an illness as well as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who although participates in the majority of training isn’t showing clear signs of a return to the first team.

In turn, we clearly have a close and exciting title race ahead, however Man City may have the edge due to their extra game advantage and because they do not need to focus on the Champions League. Yet the Premier League is difficult to predict and spontaneous, so despite what seems like an easy set of games ahead should not be taken lightly, and they should focus and try more than ever if they want their hands on a trophy.