A growing amount of food is wasted because it is not aesthetically pleasing fruit and vegetables are targeted the most by this prejudice

Vegetables are among the most wasted food our population; we waste 1.3 billion tonnes of food annually. Millions of households refuse to buy ‘ugly’ fruit and vegetables which contributes to large amounts of wastage. Customers are so consumed in appearances with in turn is damaging the earth. Similarly, supermarkets are as much to blame as millions of fruit and vegetables don’t even make it to the shelves due to ‘wonky’ vegetables. According to the university of Edinburgh only a third of total farm production is lost. This is due to conscious awareness that fruit and vegetables should look a certain away despite the food being good enough to eat and enjoy.

However, awareness for this growing issue has increased as more businesses are emerging into the market for the growing numbers of people who are concerned about the volume of food wasted. A company called ‘ODDBOX’ have identified this problem and are London’s first ‘wonky’ fruit and vegetable service with delivery. The fruit and vegetables are sourced from local farms. Similarly, Morrison’s has begun to sell their ‘wonky’ fruit and vegetables in support of local farmers and to decrease the amount of food wasted daily.