Thinking of getting into the acting business? BAFTA award winning actor, Reece Buttery, reveals the highs and the lows of his career to date, and his blue-light medical ambitions!

Whether you’ve seen him star as Ben in Gangsta Granny or on your television screens, as Mo in The Dumping Ground or Robbie in Secret Life of Boys, it is undeniable that 17 year old Reece Buttery from London has a talent for acting, combined with a range of other passions. Here, he gives me an insight into growing up on the screen.

1. Alongside your successful acting career, I noticed that you were involved with the ‘Product of a Postcode’ charity as a youth ambassador which helps to mentor underprivileged people. Are you still involved with this? What led you to discover the charity?

I became involved in Product of a Postcode through a family friend, Gary Hutton, who is the founder of the charity. We met up and discussed the future of the charity. Since then I have been to schools, youth clubs etc. talking on behalf of, and about the charity.

2. Being most renowned for your role of ‘Mo’ in The Dumping Ground, what have been some particular highlights in your career, that have perhaps inspired you to continue with your acting? How would you encourage others who are keen to get involved in a similar business?

I have been lucky enough to have an amazing and successful acting career. I’ve met some amazing people throughout the last 12 years, managing to pick up various awards on the way as well. For anyone thinking of entering a career like mine, I would say do your research on different performing arts schools in the area. Get in touch and introduce yourself- get involved!

3. Following from this, it seems inevitable that alongside the many successes and opportunities you have experienced from growing up on the screen, it comes with its disadvantages. Have there been any lowlights as a result, and how have you managed to overcome these challenges?

There are lots of downsides to my career, these include: long hours, being away from home, and spending a lot of your free time learning lines. But, the pros definitely outweigh the cons!

4. What inspired you to work alongside St John’s Ambulance as a cadet? Was it from this that you now aspire to be an anaesthetist or has this always been a dream of yours?

My father used to be a member and is now a paramedic with East of England ambulance service and the London air ambulance before this. Hearing some stories of driving on blue lights/saving lives was always fascinating and it was a career I knew I wanted to pursue.

5. Being 17, you have had to experience the dreaded GCSE’s… How did- and how do you- continue to balance your school career alongside your acting career? Does the mounting pressure of the two combined ever get too much?

I was never the best performing student in school and sadly I didn’t get the grades I desired. This has not stopped me from studying what I want to in college, though. My message to anyone who is in a position like mine is that your GCSEs do not define you- you are more than numbers on a piece of paper!

5. Finally, are there any future acting projects that you have planned, or are currently rehearsing /filming for?

I have got some projects coming up, but sadly I cannot reveal anything! You’ll just have to stay tuned!