A producer of the Oscar-winning movie The Favourite has been speaking exclusively about shooting sequences at a world-famous local venue.

Andrew Lowe, of Element Pictures, said the cast of Hollywood spent five days filming in the ancient kitchens, corridors and courtyards of Hampton Court Palace.

Mr Lowe said: “We were very lucky to have a terrific cast on The Favourite and they all had a lot of fun making the film, albeit they also had to work very hard. As an American, Emma Stone was particularly impressed by Hampton Court, by its sheer scale and beauty and she, Olivia Colman and Rachel Weisz really enjoyed the few days filming we did there.”

Britain’s Olivia Colman won the Academy Award for Best Actress for playing Queen Anne in the box office hit film, which tells the story of the Court of Queen Anne during her reign in the early 18th century, and her friendship with Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough, a close confidante of the Queen and a powerful presence in the court.

Much of the film was shot at Hatfield House, the home of the Marquess of Salisbury in Hertfordshire. Mr Lowe revealed: “As a busy public palace, Hampton Court was only available to us for a few days, so we had to choose the key locations we wanted to use there very carefully to ensure we got a proper sense of scale for the home of an English Queen.”

Andrew Lowe, whose company is based in Dublin, Ireland, attended the Oscars ceremony in Los Angeles. He admitted: “It was a very glamorous affair but quite a nerve racking one too. We had ten nominations and a few of the awards we hoped to win went to other films. The great surprise of the night was Olivia Colman winning best actress, not because she didn’t deserve it – she did of course - but because Glenn Close was heavily tipped to win. We were all so pleased and delighted for Olivia for her Oscar for Best Actress and we made sure to go out and celebrate that late into the night!”

When asked if Brexit might affect filming here in the future, he said: “The UK has such a strong film and television drama industry and I expect that everyone will work together to ensure that it remains a very film-friendly country to work in.”

So would the film’s producers return to Hampton Court following their success? “We would certainly come back to film in Hampton Court again with the right film. We are currently finalising the editing on a film called The Nest which stars Jude Law which we shot in and around London and we have several other projects in development that we hope to shoot in the UK this year and over the coming years.”