The renowned Guildford Spectrum leisure centre has been an integral part of the lively community of the town for over 26 years. Used for a variety of recreational purposes and sports events, the complex has been pivotal in providing the people with a place to enjoy themselves, relax, and develop their sporting skills. However, due to its increasingly expensive maintenance costs as a result of its age and weariness, the sustainability of the building has recently come into question. For this reason, a plan has been created to build an new facility.

Built in 1993, the Spectrum covers 26 acres of land, receiving around 1.7 million customers a year. It includes an ice rink, four swimming pool, a bowling centre, a sports hall, and an athletics track with a football pitch. However, the cost of maintenance is becoming extortionate and the need for repair is regular.

The Guildford Borough Coucil opted to build a new establishment, instead of refurbishing the current centre. The refurbishment would have cost £122 million compared to the estimated £135-£221 million of the new build, and it was argued that refurbishment would be worthless as the outdated structure of the building would continue to require repair following the refurbishment. With the construction of a new building on a separate plot of land, the current customers can use the Spectrum until the construction is finished, then effortlessly switch services; a procedure which will cause significantly less disruption than refurbishment.

Councillor Matt Furniss argued that a ‘new facility, which could be sustainable for the next ‘26 to 50 years’ is a necessity. Although not confirmed yet, the probability of a new centre being developed is high, with a finalised decision to be made in May 2020.