Photo courtesy News 96.5

Three packages were found at Waterloo station, Heathrow Airport and City Airport separately. The Met Police confirmed that the packages contained explosive devices that can "[ignite] a small fire when opened".

The first package was found at 9:55 AM in the Compass Centre at Heathrow. Officers at the scene initially attempted to open the package, but this manoeuvre triggered the explosive device and caused a fire. Fortunately, the early incident did not cause any injuries or delays at the airport. The other two explosives were found later, after the incident. The Met Police believe the three cases to be connected.

The motive for the case remains unclear. According to Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, Scotland Yard is "keeping an open mind regarding the motives". The package found appeared to have Irish stamps on them, indicating links with Ireland. The Irish police have already responded to the incident and are currently assisting the Met Police in the investigation.

It's unlikely that the packages are related to Islamic extremist groups. Because the devices inside the packages can only start small fires, it's possible that the people involved in producing them did not intend mass destruction, but to use them as deterrents or to promote a political cause. Therefore, the Met police can't rule out the possibilities of the involvement of extreme Irish nationalists. As the Good Friday agreement faces uncertainty ahead of Brexit, it's plausible that some individuals or groups might overreact to it.