The weather in Scotland was not as bad as I had been warned,nevertheless I still wore my thermals as I was not willing to risk stepping out into the scotland cold.

We got kitted up and the team talk was delivered. I was starting number 9, as a centre forward.This meant all the pressure was on me to deliver the goals and create opportunities, but I thrive under pressure and love a good challenge.

Following a strenuous warmup (where to my delight I nutmegged three people on three different occasions) we were all feeling pretty confident about conquering the Scotts. After a few final stretches and sprints, the match was ready to get underway.

We had kick off. I passed the ball to our CM who immediately played it back to me. This trigger meant that it was time for me to turn and carry the ball as far as I could, advancing up the pitch. After a few skills and more turns I managed to pass the ball back to our RM who player in a cross which unfortunately no one was able to connect with.

After a few spells of tennis style back and forth possession from both teams, we broke away once more. This time with our very skilful CM threading in an inch perfect pass to me, which saw me able to take the ball around two defenders and play a square pass to the same CM. Following a great first touch, she then slotted the ball top right with ounces of composure, seeing England independent schools (ISFA) go 1-0 up.

With a goal advantage, we were able to relax more and get the ball on the floor to play a lovely passing game around the Scottish defence.I was played a through ball down the left hand side of the pitch. I was then able to use stepovers to cut in and then finally slot in a shot that went under the diving goalkeeper, into the bottom left corner.


Coming back from the break, the Scotts were re-energised and raring to go. However despite their best efforts, England were able to clinically slot in to more goal, bringing the final score to 4-0.

After the game in a post-match interview, I was able to speak to the Scottish independent schools (SISFA) coach Mark Grant.“It was a competitive intense game.However, we  conceded a few a few soft goals.The England squad were more clinical and better decision making.We are very disappointed with the result but our players couldn’t give anymore,” he remarked.