It has always been thought that schools kill creativity, it is not hard to see why people think this way, when the most important subjects in schools are English, maths and the sciences, none of which is an art subject. Even though creativity is important in a job, according to Forbes creativity is the third most important skill need for jobs in 2020.

The creative subject is are thought to be less important than all the other subject, For Example in year nine I could do four arts and one language or two arts and two language, that is shows how they thing that one language subject is equivalent to one language. This shows how creative subject aren’t given enough attention. One piece of evidence that shows schools kill creativity is, the younger a student is the more creative they are, as they have not been in the school’s system as long.

Schools don’t complete destroy creativity as in the main subject creativity is still helpful. In English there is still creative writing and maths encourages creative problem solving, as a majority question can be solved in multiply different ways. Most subject have at least some creative thinking.

I think while schools do reduce the amount of creativity in there, but I do not think that is schools completely eliminates creativity. Schools still need to improve the creativity of their students, by making creativity more of a priority.