Are parents being too strict?

With Social networks being immense gatherings of youth nowadays, and an increase of crime especially inflicted on young people; it has become a trend for parents to become a little apprehensive /protective or as some like to say controlling, over their children’s daily activity. Whether it’s on social media or the knowledge of their whereabouts at the exact time and place it is really easy with the help of a few downloaded apps to be at the centre of everything they do.

So I decided to ask a number of friends on what their views were. Some said their parents can be a little too strict, not putting themselves in the shoes of their children, and consequently not seeing things from either point of view, so when it comes to minor things they suddenly become major issues. However they can see the reason behind not being allowed to go and do certain things, so sometimes they just have to accept that really it’s in their best interests Although it may take time with reactions first being frustrated and confused, in the end, the positives always out way the negatives.

To some it seems that society has adopted a natural negative view of the youth today stereotypically associating them with trouble -being violent, misbehaved, ill-mannered and irresponsible along with others that has seemed to play a role in influencing how one is brought up and disciplined, with parents feeling the need to make sure ones teenager does not step out of line.