Many people I know have made New Year’s resolutions. However, what seems to occur often is that after a month or so most of these people give up on these resolutions. If you have made one, I hope this article should helps you to be one of the valued few people who actually keep your resolution.

An important starting point would be to make your goal specific to you as an individual. You should think about one aspect of your life that you can improve on. For example, you may wish to improve your fitness by eating more healthily and doing more exercise.

Next think about how you are going to make this target measurable. Are you going to for example, to cut down on the amount of sugar you digest by eating fewer sweets and drinking fewer sugary drinks each week? Are you going on long walks or runs for a few miles each week? In doing so you are making this target significantly more motivating as you can now see the progress that you are making as you should start to feel healthier.

The next tip would be to make your goal achievable. This means thinking about the ultimate goal you would like to meet. Do you wish to lose weight sleep better or improve your fitness and concentration from eating more healthily and doing more exercise? Thus, your target is much more likely to be attainable and you will be happy to do this. A further tip is to make your target realistic to your needs. This means that however nice it would be to win the London Marathon at your first attempt, it should not be your target as it is not likely to happen. Maybe start with dropping a few kilograms, if you need to or doing a Park Run each fortnight. The reason I say this is that when you measure the target and you see that you have made some progress over time you will see that it is easier to keep going with this target than it is to stop as you should have a sense of pride that you have managed to come this far.

The final tip is that your target should have a timeframe on it, ideally around a year long. Also, I say ‘ideally’ because it means that if you have achieved your target of losing some weight you will be well placed to enjoy your next Christmas feast! This means you will not find yourself without anything to work towards in the latter stages of the year.

I really hope this helps you to stick to your new year’s resolution this year and that this resolution helps you to improve something in your life. Good luck!