On 2nd November, A Call From Kate played their first live gig at the Basement Door under the Vineyard Community Centre in Richmond. Made up of Oscar Leonov, the guitarist, Jai Saha, the drummer, and Tom Wykes, the lead singer and bassist, were the first of four bands to play on the evening. 
The Basement Door began in 2008 as a place for young people to socialise based around a shared love of live music while learning skills needed for later life. Since February 2018, the Basement Door has been a registered charity and has hosted live music almost every Friday evening, as well as trying to promote the young bands and artists in the area.
In order to make the venue attractive and safe for young people, every person was searched at the entrance to prevent alcohol or drugs to be brought inside. The hall, prepared by volunteers, was clearly imitating a club with flashing lights and loud music. 
After the performers had finished warming-up, A Call From Kate went through their set, including songs ranging from rock to rap to original material. Their guitarist, Oscar Leonov, described how “it was just really amazing, seeing everyone jump to what we were playing made me see how music connects people”. It was definitely a promising first performance and the crowd reaction showed A Call From Kate are certainly on the right road.
Following on from A Call From Kate, Lost Near Blue Ape used their age and experience to deliver a truly exceptional 45-minute set. While it was a tough act to follow, Angel Blue certainly managed to as they kept the dance floor thoroughly entertained until 10:00. Having to close proceedings after three amazing performances, must certainly be intimidating, but Recreational Emergency managed it and brought down the roof for the last time.
While it was A Call From Kate’s first gig, the other three bands all had experience in playing live and this ensured the evening was a complete successs with mistakes all night. Gigs such as these are a great way for young bands to develop as musicians, while also having plenty of fun, and ensuring others do too.