There has been a recent epidemic of the flu virus, which has affected many lives in London, with an estimated 31,300 patients visiting their doctor with influenza-like-illnesses (according to the Evening Standard). The flu has affected the elderly and vulnerable age groups who may have a weaker immune system. The latest statistics suggest around 4,500 people were admitted to hospital with flu last week (according to The Telegraph). It has been the most dangerous flu since the flu pandemic also known as ‘swine flu’ in 2009.

This flu originated from Australia and its main strain continues to be influenza A (H3N2) and influenza B. The Flu takes around 3-4 days to develop and usually lasts only a week (according to NHS Choice). There is no definite cure to heal the flu, but natural home remedies are said to make the symptoms manageable. There have been over 85 confirmed deaths from influenza B (according to the

A survivor of the flu, Andy, was admitted to hospital where he was later diagnosed with Influenza B, Chest infection and Sepsis. He described the experience as “traumatic” and stated, “the pain was unbearable to take”. With the fast reaction of the hospital, he was treated appropriately and returned into good health.

Helen Agyeman

Ursuline High School