The Duke of Edinburgh award is an incredible award which targets 13 and 14 year olds up and down the country who are prepared to show dedication and commitment towards an award which is sure to push them out of their comfort zones.

The award consists of 4 varied aspects. The first is 3 months of learning a new skill; this could be anything from juggling to cooking or sewing to photography. Part 2 is 3 months of a physical sport this could be swimming, archery, horse riding or anything else that keeps you active. Next is the 6 months volunteering, all you have to do is help out somewhere and lend your services.

Then, after all this, you go on your expedition. 2 days. Trekking tirelessly through the rural British countryside. 1 tent, 1 stove, a tonne of food and a map. This is basically all you get on your trip. The weekend is eye opening, challenging but ultimately rewarding and it’s a great way of not only becoming independent and self-reliant, but also a great team player. There really isn’t anything the award doesn’t offer.

I spoke to a large group of girls who all completed their bronze DofE and who now hope to start silver. They summarized their DofE as “ amazing, emotional and hard work” but their experience was one they won’t forget and will remember for years too come. So if these are all things that interest you then do DofE!