On the 6th February 2018 Croydons first women only gym was opened at Puregym Croydon. This is a great opportunity to increase the participation of women in sport in the local area. There are also women's only classes. It gives women and teenage girls the opportunity to work out without feeling judged or getting the feeling that the gym is split into two halves, the men's section- weights, and the women's section- cardio machines. Women's only sections can be specific to offer the equipment they need and activities they prefer but somewhat doesn't follow the idea of equal rights.
As a user of Puregym myself, I think it would be very beneficial to introduce a women's only area into all of the branches providing a less pressurised environment. 
There are many aspects of going to the gym that might 'scare off' women, such as feeling like they have to dress to impress and spend tonnes on gym wear and also feel uncomfortable with their bodies and exposing them to male users of the gym. Especially in intense gym classes when you get really sweaty. For some women, religion is a barrier to participation because they are simply not allowed to expose too much of there bodies to men. Women only gyms are a great way to defeat this barrier as they would have privacy from men to do exercise.

However, the big question is, is this discrimination?