In a girls only school, the outside world can seem like an strange place and the event that took place on the 23rd of February was certainly an opportunity for the girls from year 7 and year 8 of Notre Dame School to discover and potentially interact with an alien species that they have often wondered about.

I am talking of course about the eagerly awaited and hotly anticipated annual school disco held in conjunction with the nearby boy’ school.

These aliens came prepared. Hair slicked back, cologne on, laces tied – it was time to party. Well, it wasn’t exactly a party for the first hour. More like huddles of familiar faces creating a protective circle to inhibit contact with the extra-terrestrials. Glances were exchanged from a distance although it was difficult to tell if these were because of fear or curiosity.

 The girls swaying and looking pretty decide that there were no boys present and proceeded to dance in blissful ignorance whilst the boys complemented each other as they danced out of step with the music.

Then suddenly it happened, the first encounter using the superficially innocent phrase ’hey! What’s your name’ and that was it; the move had been made. Names were exchanges and the protective huddles begun to break up.

Soon everyone was talking and dancing together and amazingly enough they were now dancing IN TIME to the music in fact, i overheard a sweet year 7 boy that said, ‘she keeps smiling at me, I don’t know what to do!’

David Attenborough would have had a field day.

Samar Sabbagh, Notre dame school