On Monday morning, 26/2/18, anticipation of snow buzzed around Gumley House Convent School and it didn’t have to last long. Within the first lesson of the day, a heavy cloak of snow fell and settled on the grounds. This was the first of many flurries.

The excitement due to the weather escalated throughout the day, as more and more snow fell from the sky, most of it settling in the afternoon and for the duration of the night, also.

Tuesday was the same, Gumley cancelling any after-school clubs due to adverse weather, as playing sport on the slippery pitches would be a safety risk.

With very heavy snowfall on Tuesday night, students of all years woke up to a white wonderland. With all the snow and icy roads, rumours of school being cancelled were thrown around and everyone became frantic on social media.

After a moments worth of hoping, Gumley tweeted out; “In case you’re wondering, school is open as normal!” This was disappointing for most and relieving for those who had already started their journey in, due to living further away from school than others. This was soon spread over snapchat, students outraged in being made to attend school in the current weather conditions.

Although an almost- full day of school had been pursued by most, a pleasant surprise was sprung on pupils in the form of an email, at approximately 2.00 pm. The email read, “Due to local travel concerns caused by today’s weather, we are cancelling prep for learning and all students are being dismissed at 2.40 pm.” (As opposed to 3.10pm). Students rejoiced in the extra 30 minutes they had, off school.

This evening, 28/2/18, Gumley sent an email out to parents, allowing students to wear our own coats and shoes, to ensure we are warm and protected from the harsh frost of tomorrow.

Awaiting a further update, the students are regularly checking emails and twitter for any school cancellations or notifications about future school activity, in hope the snow will work in our favour. Until then, pupils attending Gumley House are held in suspense and unreliable optimism.

Ellie Gilbert