On Tuesday February the 27th, the negative number temperatures brought snow to Twickenham and its surrounding areas.

The arrival of the snow shocked many people and became a huge distraction during lessons at Waldegrave school. Students stared out of the windows in awe, impatiently waiting till school was over so that they could go out and experience the rare occasion.

Surprisingly, the heavy snow didn’t affect south west London dramatically. Trains were still running, most schools were still open, and most people still proceeded to carry out their daily tasks. However, the danger of slippery ice was apparent, especially for students walking to school early in the mornings.

However, fortunately the snow brought excitement. The -4 degrees temperatures had families layering themselves in jumpers and coats whilst making their way to the nearest parks after work/school. I also joined this crowd and headed down to Kneller Gardens with a couple of friends to witness the white scenes. People were running through the snow and throwing snowballs, whilst others sat shivering in the cold temperatures with hot coffee.

I asked Anouska Lukacs what she thought about some schools not being cancelled, she said “I think all schools should be closed for safety issues, I nearly slipped about 3 times this morning on the way to school, let alone the danger of icy roads for cars.”

There are predictions of heavier snow later on in the week, so make sure to wear hats, coats, gloves and scarfs as well as staying aware of slippery ice.