The wombats return! Their fourth album, ‘Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life’, was released on the 9th of February. It follows from their previous 2015 album, Glitterbug, the album full of bangers about partying too hard, while this album battles against that life Mathew Murphy wrote about and introduces us to his attempt and failure to tackle adult life.

A small gig at The Hippodrome in Kingston was scheduled for the 15th February to showcase their new album to youths in London. Doors were open at 6 and the crowd waited in apprehension, enlivened by the atmosphere and enthused for the music to start. Around 7, the group finally took their place on stage to thrill the crowd with another dose of addictive indie-rock. Beginning with a song from their recent album Cheetah tongue and ending with an encore of ‘Turn’, ‘Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)’ and finally the much-loved song ‘Greek Tragedy’ from their first album. Their upbeat rhythms and catchy tunes got the moshing going to leave a herd of sweaty, exhilarated teens.

A member of the crowd, Betty Everett exclaimed “This is the first live gig I’ve been to and I found the atmosphere amazing.” She added “Even with not knowing the band too well, I really enjoyed their music and will definitely be listening to their new album more”

With personally watching the band perform twice already, they seem to be on a healthy incline and getting bigger and better at each performance, I am extremely looking forward for what they have more to come. See the band on their tour, starting in Sheffield on the 9th March where they arrive in London again at a much larger venue, Alexandra Palace, on the 27th.