Merton police officers honoured for saving a man’s life

Two police officers who saved a man’s life after he collapsed in the street have been honoured for their outstanding professionalism.

Merton PCs Knight and Dodson received their award for saving the life of 59-year-old Ray Willoughby.

They were among 60 officers recognised for their bravery, professionalism, and commitment to duty at a commendation ceremony held at University for the Creative Arts centre in Epsom yesterday evening (February 22).

In November last year, Merton PCs Knight and Dodson were called to Salcombe Drive after 59-year-old Ray Willoughby collapsed.

The officers rushed off to find Ray laying in the street and in cardiac arrest.

The officers training kicked in and they grabbed their new piece of equipment, the defibrillator and began CPR.

A shock was administered and during the final burst he awoke in a state of disorientation but passed out again as the ambulance crew arrived.

Getting him to a hospital the London Ambulance Service said it was “one of the most complicated cardiac arrests that they had ever seen. The offices saved his life.”

The officers visited Mr. Willoughby the next day after the incident and in a statement said: “We are over the moon that our new piece of equipment saved Ray’s life.

“We did what any member of the police family would have done.”

Mr. Willoughby thanked the officers after and said: “Thank you very much for saving my life without you two I would not be here today and once again thank you.”