Opening this month in Croydon, is a new PureGym; just off the high street this is a gym which offers more than 50 free classes, a ladies only area and is open 24/7. As the new year rolls in, many of us, including me, have made the pledge to start either going to the gym more, or eating healthier. However, with the growth in affordable gyms, it is easier now more than ever to fulfil this goal. As a first timer who has never really been to a gym before, I am excited to see what this gym has to offer compared to the other local ones. As a professional in the field, with more than 190 gyms across the UK, this gym promises to be one of great importance. With the cheaper prices, and their discount for students, this gym boasts more than 220 kits of equipment as well as putting on classes with personal trainers. I can surely say this will be a highly effective gym, giving many people the opportunity to fulfil those New Year’s resolutions.

As going to the gym becomes more popular, many young people have started to attend, with some of them saying:

“Going to the gym makes me feel happier in myself”.-Isabella Cusano, aged 16

“I think the gym is a really good experience for young people as I always do feel a lot better after a session.”-Lauren Smith, aged 17

“Going to the gym gives me an opportunity to work on my health and well-being, I really enjoy learning how to complete physical activity in a safe and secure environment.”-Isabella Arrowsmith, aged 16 

As shown, going to the gym is becoming increasingly popular for teenagers, who are wanting to live healthier and longer. This is why the new gym in Croydon may just be a new beginning for many people.