Chiswick 20 London Exiles 0

The Exiles came to Riverside for this second round EDF Energy Junior Vase game obviously determined to move the ball at every occasion, and the result was exciting to watch.

Unfortunately the backs were so well matched that in open play a stalemate resulted.

The result was down to the Chiswick pack dominating the opponents' eight.

Early penalty kicks were swapped, and Keith Luckman, with the easier chance, put Chiswick in the lead.

The scrum was rock solid, with quincentenarian Kelvin Campbell and the indestructible Shane Donaldson propping.

Delaney regularly took good ball from hooker Jan Joubert in the lineouts, and the marauding back row were ubiquitous.

The Exiles were well served by their halfbacks, and their speedy full-back took every little chance to weave his way through the home defence, but the latter was obdurate.

Persistent home pressure provided wing Adrian Lewis with a half chance, but a neat little kick over the defenders just went into touch before he could reach it.

Centre Chris Hellawell then burst through the line, only to be hauled down just short.

Further pressure and Mark Jones is stopped short.

Inevitably, eventually, a clean catch and maul from a lineout revealed first Joubert going for the line and then Alistair Pickering and surrounding team-mates surging over for a forwards' try. Luckman converted with a beauty.

The second half saw no reduction of pace or effort, but Chiswick kept up the pressure, and after 15 minutes a well-judged penalty kick by Luckman gave the home team a 5m lineout.

Delaney caught, and from the subsequent maul flanker Marcus Rowley went over for a well-deserved try. The kick failed.

Non-stop action was interspersed with substitutions, but then a sudden breakaway and the Exiles' fly-half was zipping down the left touchline, and hurling himself over the goal-line.

Unfortunately for the visitors, a yellow flag was being determinedly held aloft, and the players had to come back for the foot-in-touch.

With 20 minutes still to go, this score would have made life very interesting, but as it was, Chiswick re-established control, and a tired kick out of defence fell kindly for Lewis, who cruised down the line to score the setting try.

Chiswick: Donaldson, Joubert (Maguire), Campbell (Haste), Hood, Delaney, Pickering (Robbings), Rowley, Bez, Ulstein, Luckman, Lewis, Hellawell (Gibson), Cheston, Jones, Hammond.