Mike Brown is furious with the officials who oversaw Harlequins' 20-13 Gallagher Premiership victory over Wasps after claiming he could have broken his neck in an aerial collision.

Brown landed on his head, shoulders and arms after leaping into Josh Bassett as he attempted to catch a high ball at Twickenham but referee Craig Maxwell-Keys opted against punishing the visiting wing.

England's out-of-favour full-back believes Bassett should have shown more regard and accused the officials of failing to give him adequate protection at a time when rugby's authorities are seeking to eradicate dangerous collisions.

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"They talk about protecting players but clearly I wasn't protected there. The referee says he couldn't see but there's a bloody big screen up there to have a look," Brown said.

"What's the point of me going up to catch a high ball if I'm not going to get protected because clearly he didn't compete for the ball?

"The referee may not have seen it but my family have seen that. It was a very poor call. Of course there's a duty of care. My family are sat there watching that.

"I'm sure he'll see it when my family are in hospital because I've broken my neck. That sounds extreme, but I landed straight on my head.

"I didn't know much about it because I fell flat on my face with my legs in the air. I don't know what the touch judge is doing because he was stood five metres from me.

"I recovered quickly and play carried on but I'm feeling it now. I have a sore neck and sore groin and dead leg where he's hit me."

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Quins boss Paul Gustard was critical of Bassett for the incident that took place in the 34th minute when the hosts were leading 10-3.

"Mike was taken out in the air and 82,000 people saw someone landing on the top of his shoulders," Gustard said.

"The person underneath has a duty of care when competing for the ball. It was irresponsible and could have been a nasty accident. Thankfully Mike is OK."

Quins confirmed their status as play-off contenders after tries from Alex Dombrandt and Joe Marchant and a late rearguard action propelled them to a fifth win of the season.