Kew Gardens ticket office has closed forever and it's driven one man to put pen to paper in its memory.

A TfL employee, who didn’t want to be named, has written a six stanza poem lamenting the loss of the 'bright staff at Kew' in a move that has 'shaken to the core'.

The worker said: "It was a sad event as the excellent, often bespoke, service offered by my colleagues has been replaced by a ticket machine. It inspired me to write a poem, which I'd like to share.”

The station ticket office closed last Saturday (December 2) but TfL was quick to reassure us that the station will still be staffed around the clock.

Sue Lofthouse, head of customer service at London Underground, said: “A tiny percentage of journeys at stations now involves a visit to the ticket office.

“The ticket office at Kew Gardens is now closed with staff deployed to the gate line and platforms instead.

“To help give customers the best service, we’re installing new ticket machines at Kew Gardens.

“We plan to have staff at all stations, covering all hours that a station operates. We are also well underway with the process of deploying an additional 325 new staff across the Underground.”

Giving the closure of the ticket office the gravitas it undoubtedly deserves, here is the poem ‘Kew Garden Ticket Office’ penned by the TfL worker:

The bright staff at Kew
Were such a delight
Fares I didn't know
Was always put right

Window has now closed
Shaken to the core
Long had they stated
'Well be here no more'

The smile has now gone
That window lays bare
More staff are around
But none over there

The machines you see
With options galore
Serve better than those
Who stood there before

Long have I travelled
From near to afar
Behind that window
Stood the local star

Farewell O'window
Looking to my right
Whilst I queue with those
Accompanying my Plight