The Wimbledon Pubic Ballot is now open for the 2024 event. 

The 2023 Public Ballot attracted a record number of applications with interest coming fromall over the world including the USA, Italy, and Germany.

Wimbledon 2023 recorded the best attendance numbers in the event's history with 532,651 guests making their way through the gates across the fortnight.

For those hoping to get in on the action for Wimbledon 2024, now is your chance. But you don't have long.

How to enter the Wimbledon Public Ballot for tickets to the 2024 championship?

Wimbledon 2024 will take place from July 1 to 14 next year is the centenary year of the Championship which was first held in 1924.

The Wimbledon Public Ballot opened this week and will remain open until 11.59pm on Tuesday, October 10, 2023. 

The Wimbledon Public Ballot is "intended to be the fairest way of obtaining tickets to The Championships", the Championship website says.

But the Wimbledon website added: "Please be aware that entry into the Wimbledon Public Ballot does not automatically entitle applicants to tickets, but to a place in the draw.

"There is no advantage to be gained by applying early during the application period, so please do try again later if you discover the website is busy."

You are unable to request tickets for specific days or courts, as the day and court offered are chosen randomly by a computerised selection process.

To enter the Wimbledon Public Ballot simply register a free myWIMBLEDON account and ensure your ‘Consents and Preferences’ are set to hear from the All England Club about tickets and ballots, and that you can be contacted by email.

Only one application for a maximum of two tickets can be made per myWIMBLEDON account, per email address and per household.

Your application will be invalidated if another member of your household applies from the same address.

Except for the one ticket that you can transfer to your guest, you must use the tickets yourself they cannot be used as gifts or sold.

Successful applicants will be notified from November 2023.

For more information about the Wimbledon Public Ballot and to enter visit the Wimbledon website.

How else can you get tickets to Wimbledon 2024? 

There are two other options for securing tickets to Wimbledon 2024.

Hospitality tickets

You could purchase a hospitality pass through Keith Prowse, Wimbledon's official partner. 

You can already register your interest for a hospitality ticket for Wimbledon 2024 via the Keith Prowse website

The Queue

If you are unsuccessful in obtaining a ticket via the public ballot, you can wait until next year's championship and join Wimbledon's famous Queue.

Richmond and Twickenham Times: If you are unsuccessful in the public ballot you can try obtaining tickets to Wimbledon 2024 in The Queue.If you are unsuccessful in the public ballot you can try obtaining tickets to Wimbledon 2024 in The Queue. (Image: PA)

Describing "The Queue", the Wimbledon website says: "Wimbledon remains one of the very few major sporting events where you can buy premium tickets on the day of play.

"For many, The Queue at The Championships is as much a part of the Wimbledon experience as the tennis itself.

"Each day a large Queue forms to buy either one of the limited Show Court tickets available, or a Grounds ticket. 

"Tickets are sold on a best available, one per person queuing basis and are non-transferable."

For the 2023 event, each day 500 tickets for Centre Court (excluding last four days), No.1 Court, and No.2 Court were sold to people in the Queue. 

While there were also ground passes available which enables you access to all courts including No.3 Court, Court 12 and Court 18, as well as The Hill.