Saffron Barker appeared on Michael McIntyre's hit game show The Wheel on Saturday but viewers have been left asking who the social media star is.

Barker is a 21-year-old Brighton-born Youtuber who has been making videos since 2015. 

The Youtuber had been drafted in to help the contestants answer trivia questions from their area of expertise for a chance at winning the cash prize. 

Barker's chosen expert subject and with 2.48 million subscribers on the video platform, we think she might know a thing or two.

The 21-year-old lives at home with her mum, dad, three brothers and eldest brother's girlfriend.

The creator is known for making a variety of videos from lifestyle, beauty, and challenge content. 

Barker has also been known to make q&as, makeup & beauty tutorials, clothing hauls.

The content creator has also already written her first book Saffron Barker Vs. Real Life.

The Wheel airs on BBC One on Saturdays at 8.30 pm.