Stath Lets Flats returns for its third series on Channel 4 tonight.

The programme stars and is written by Jamie Demetriou, who plays inept English-Cypriot letting agent Stath Charalambos.

He stars alongside his sister Natasia Demetriou as well as Christos Stergioglou, Katy Wix, Al Roberts and Kiell Smith-Bynoe.

A few guest stars will also be appearing alongside the regular cast including Chris Cooper (This Country), David Avery (The Night Manager) and Julia Davis (Gavin and Stacey).

The show has gained a loyal following, and it also picked up three prizes at the BAFTA Television Awards, winning Bes Scripted Comedy among others. 

In an interview on Channel 4's website Demetriou spoke on the success of the show saying he was "deeply surprised and happy" to have won the BAFTAs.

Getting the likes of Charlie Cooper and David Avery on the programme was also a high point for him.

He said: "Can't believe they were all up for it. They're all comedy royalty.

"I felt very lucky to have everyone we have in and on the show. I very much include my producer Seb Barwell, director Andrew Gaynord and Exec Ash Atalla in that too."

How to watch Stath Lets Flats series 3

Stath Lets Flats will begin airing at 10.15pm on Channel 4 tonight (Tuesday October 26).

It will air for six episodes in total, with the programme also being available to watch on the All4 player shortly after.

Stath Lets Flats begins airing at 10.15pm on Channel 4 on Tuesday October 26.