WITH Easter just around the corner, pet owners will still be able to treat their animals to eggs that are safe to eat.

Pet supplies retailer Pets at Home is selling special Easter eggs for dogs, cats and even rabbits.

While humans are tucking into their chocolate eggs over the Easter holidays, dogs will be able to wrap their gnashers around a carob version.

The foil-wrapped treat which comes in a box featuring the words ‘waggy Easter’ with a six-pack treat-size version also available.

For hounds that like a bit of variety, there’s even a peanut butter and carob flavour version.

There’s also ‘yappy Easter’ egg for puppies aged over three months and smaller dogs.

Meanwhile, feline fans will be able to give their cat the ‘purrrfect Easter’ with a yoghurt and catnip flavoured Easter egg just for them.

Even rabbits have their own egg to ensure they have a ‘hoppy Easter’ with a dandelion leaf flavour Easter egg.

Pets at Home says the egg is also suitable for guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, chinchillas, mice, gerbils and degus.

While chocolate is toxic for dogs, carob is safe because it does not contain substances found in chocolate such as theobromine, caffeine, fromamide, or phenylthlamine.