On Monday night at 4:13 am, the magical Pink Supermoon was visible in the night skies of the UK, the fourth full-moon in 2021. Due to its close proximity to earth, this moon appeared especially large and bright as it only passed within 360,000km (223,694 miles) of our planet. This Supermoon was a unique, captivating spectacle with people already looking forward to the following one on the 26th May.

The pink aspect of this moon can cause some misconceptions, however, as it is named after the pink shade of the flowering plant Phlox, not because it will take on the colour pink in the sky. This native herb is growing now in parts of Northern America as the beautiful, vibrant pink colour is blooming. A Supermoon tends to occur roughly when our satellite reaches its closest point to the earth, known as a perigee, which made the moon visibly brighter on Monday night. 

What is particularly interesting is the astrological significance behind this Supermoon; it rose in the sign of Scorpio, one of the most emotionally intense and mysterious signs of the zodiac. Therefore, there was a lot of spiritual magic to harnesss with this moon, especially in terms of relationships, romance and goals. It is a crucial ritual of many to use crystals and manifestations with this Supermoon as desires can be attracted in such a powerful time. The Rose quartz crystal has extreme healing properties with this night-time wonder as its passionate, peaceful and romance-driven energy works coherently alongside the regeneration of April's Supermoon.

Full Moons represent your emotions, secrets, dreams and desires. Undoubtedly, the proceeding Supermoon on the 26th May will bring luck and love to those who believe they shall receive it. This Pink Supermoon was a fascinating beauty that provided people with hope and clarity for the future, with those who managed to wake at 4 am to see it being true admirers of its tendencies!