Sunday’s front pages are filled with concerns over Iran and Boris Johnson’s moves.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt is set to unveil a package of measures including sanctions against Iran over the seizure of a British-flagged tanker, The Sunday Telegraph reports.

Britain may join an international coalition with the US to escort ships through the Strait of Hormuz, the Sunday Times says, adding that EU representatives are working with Tory leadership favourite Mr Johnson’s staff to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

Mr Johnson has been warned the ongoing situation in the Gulf will ensure him difficult early days if he becomes prime minister this week, according to comments by former first sea lord Admiral Lord West carried in The Observer.

MI6 is investigating whether Iran used Russian technology to push the ship off course in the Strait of Hormuz, according to the Sunday Mirror.

The Sunday Express says a group of Tory Remainers have told Mr Johnson they will bring down his potential government if he attempts to achieve a no-deal Brexit.

Priti Patel could return to the Cabinet as home secretary if Mr Johnson moves into Downing Street, The Independent reports, saying the appointment may be made to show that the former foreign secretary is not a “British Donald Trump”.

Mr Johnson is said to have put in a bill for furnishings inside Number 10 if he moves in this week, according to The Mail on Sunday.

And Tommy Robinson has apparently been attacked by a 70-year-old man inside prison, the Daily Star on Sunday says.