A woman who reported Ann Keen to a Government watchdog for misusing £4,500 of parliamentary stationery has said she is “sickened” by the Health Minister and her husband’s expenses claims.

Ann Berkane, 66, from Brentford, contacted the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards after Mrs Keen used Commons notepaper to invite constituents to a coffee morning.

MPs are only allowed to use the pre-paid envelopes and headed paper when replying to a constituent, but the Brentford and Isleworth MP used the stationery to send five letters to hundreds of homes – and was last week ordered to pay the money back.

Mrs Berkane, of New Road, said: “I have been so shocked by her behaviour, it’s thoroughly disgusting.”

Mrs Keen apologised and said she would repay the full £4,583, just days before details of her and her husband Alan Keen’s MP expenses were revealed in the Daily Telegraph.

Mrs Berkane, who suffers from arthritis and works at a pawnbrokers, said: “I am only paid £10,000 a year and I deal with lots of people like me who are just getting by or not getting by.

“To see this woman living in Brentford claiming for a second house in Westminster with her husband, it’s just sort of sickening.

“If she needs to get home from Parliament she can just get a cab or other public transport, we don’t live a million miles from Parliament, but she and her husband are setting themselves up nicely with a flat up there.”

Stuart Parrott, a retired BBC journalist and Brentford resident, also expressed his anger and has launched a “local non-partisan” campaign to get the Keens outed from their seats.

He insisted he was not political but decided to take action because he was “outraged by the abuse of them taking so much money out of the public purse.”

Mr Parrott, of Justin Close, Brentford, said: “Alan and Ann Keen MPs are a disgrace to British democracy, betraying the voters’ trust by both claiming such a huge amount for second homes, although they live only 10 miles from Westminster.

“Their case is one of the worst exposed in the Daily Telegraph’s expose of the expense scandal.

"The local Labour Party in both Brentford and Isleworth, and Feltham and Heston, must get rid of these MPs without delay or Labour will be hammered at the next general election.

“As for the Keens, they should reflect on their shocking readiness to take so much money from the public purse. If they had any honour, they would resign.

“If they don’t resign, or if they insist on clinging to public office, I’m prepared to lead a local non-partisan campaign to force them off the public payroll.

“If people wish to support my campaign ‘Ann and Alan Keen, Out!’ email me at stuartparrott@hotmail.co.uk