Richmond Chamber of Commerce and Doing Business Together (DBT) will take the business message to the Chancellor of the Exchequer today.

Working with Wandsworth and Macclesfield chambers of commerce, representatives from both organisations will lead discussions with banks and ministers on how businesses can best secure money from banks to expand out of recession.

The event follows a similar one in Richmond, which brought together Vince Cable, Zac Goldsmith and officials from several leading banks and businesses.

Campaign group Doing Business Together, set up by Richmond businessman Chris Poll and the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, won the support of businesses in the borough, then took the idea to the Wandsworth and Macclesfield chambers.

Business Secretary and Twickenham MP Vince Cable attended the first DBT event, and said: “DBT is a fine initiative for getting businesses and finance institutions on the same page.

“There is too much misunderstanding between banks and clients, which creates a barrier holding back companies, banks and the wider economy.

“The operating principles of DBT describe how this barrier can be broken down by taking a few clear steps.

“I regard DBT as a valuable initiative and wish to see it expand and develop.”

Today’s event will include an introduction from Mr Poll, the owner of Richmond-based company CreditPal, a talk from Mr Osborne, a presentation by Phil Orford, from the Forum of Private Business, and a question and answer session with the Chancellor.

Mr Poll said: “Dr Cable has encouraged me to develop and expand my original concept.

“We appreciate the attendance of Chancellor George Osborne in Knutsford, as this illustrates national politicians seeing the need to link and encourage local initiatives.

“DBT is about making the big society work locally.”