Most of us probably associate short stories with childhood, being as they are little snippets that can be delved in and out of at the drop of a hat and do not demand too much attention or thought.

And it has been a long time since I myself have read a collection of short stories but although it felt strange at first the tales in Feeling the Fear were quite enjoyable.

Focusing on little pockets of time within a varying range of people’s lives, these short tales all hide a darker edge of mystery behind them or a secret that will change the lives of all those involved.

With 12 tales ranging from that of a woman scared of flying, whose decision to get off the plane she fears so much changes her life forever, to the inner monologue of the life of a mirror and the horrors it has unintentionally seen, each tale within this book presents a unique take on the world through its unsuspecting characters.

An unusual collection of tales of love, betrayal, family turmoil and even murder, Feeling the Fear is the kind of book you can pick up when you want a little bit of light entertainment and to lose yourself in a story without actually losing too much time.

Feeling the Fear by Carolyn Pertwee is published by Alliance Publishing Press and is in shops now.