The fight against the high-rise development at Twickenham station was put in the hands of the Mayor of London last week.

Twickenham Residents Action Group (Trag), who have been fighting to keep the redevelopment of Twickenham station low-rise for almost two years, had been collecting a petition to show the strong opposition to the proposals.

In just five weeks, the group has collected 3,000 signatures calling for Boris Johnson to intervene on the planning application put forward by Solum Regeneration.

The campaigners delivered the petition to Greater London Authority officers at City Hall on Friday, February 10, aimed at persuading the Mayor to reverse the decision made by Richmond Council on Monday, December 19, to approve the planning application.

Chairman of Trag John Watson said: “It is hoped that the Mayor and his team will take into consideration the strong views of the local Twickenham community, who remain incensed about the decision of the council and the way it was reached.

“Trag continues to lobby the Mayor, relevant ministers of state and senior Network Rail executives directly, with a view to getting the current Solum proposal stopped in its tracks. It remains a tough call, but the battle is by no means over yet.”

In the Conservative manifesto leaflet, it says: “Planning in Twickenham is now based on preserving the character of the existing environment. Any new development is to be low density family housing, not cramped, high density, high-rise without parking.”

The application is still on its way to Boris Johnson. When he receives it he will have 14 days to make a decision.

Trag will now assess the feasibility of initiating a judicial review to challenge the decision and launched a fund raising campaign last weekend, to raise the money required for a planning barrister and to make an assessment of the strength of its case.