A Teddington singer and songwriter could be in with the chance to perform in front of thousands of people at the O2 Arena, as part of the Live and Unsigned original music competition.

Jamie Martyr, 23, has already made it through the audition stages of the competition and will now take part in the live regional showcase, which will be filmed for the first time as an exclusive fly-on-the-wall documentary for Sky.

On the possibility of getting to the grand final at the O2, the former Newland House School pupil says: “It would be amazing - it’s in front of 20,000 people. I’ve tried to remain ignorant, but it terrifies me. At the same time it would be absolutely incredible.

“I feel so good about getting through the first auditions though. You get a really limited time on stage - about four minutes and you have to win people over in that time, not like when you get at least half an hour at a gig.

“There’s no time to compose yourself, you can even hear other people singing and so many of them are really good so it’s even more nerve-racking.”

Performing all her songs on the piano, Martyr has been classically trained since the age of five and has been song writing since she was 11. It was only in her late teens that she discovered her love for singing.

She says: “My influences don’t really correlate with what I play. I used to really like heavy metal but now it’s the lyrics that are most important.

“I really admire Adele for breaking America. If I could do that it would be super, but ultimately I just want to be successful.”

Martyr will now compete against a number of talented bands and artists in the presence of industry judges and a live audience at the regional showcase, at the Beck Theatre, in Hayes, on March 11.

To hear Martyr's music, visit www.soundcloud.com/jamiemartyr