Becoming the star of a Bafta-lauded film at the age of 91 has left one long-term Sheen resident beaming with joy and full of excitement.

But then it is hardly surprising the story of former Olympic gymnast George Weedon has captured people’s imaginations.

The sprightly pensioner is full of exciting stories about his younger days as an athlete.

Mr Weedon, who lived in Rothesay Avenue for more than 50 years until moving to Nottingham last year, said he hoped the film Walk Tall would become a platform from which he could help share tips and advice about the importance of developing good posture in children.

Speaking at Sheen Mount Primary School’s Olympic extravaganza last week, he said: “I suppose I want to help people and talk about what I’ve done, and I’d much rather pass on the information to children so they can move on.

“I think it is more important, I would say, if they [children] know how their body works.

"Then they can most likely do something about it and realise if they want to do say ice-skating, or any other sport, they are taught the good posture for it.”

Directed by animator turned filmmaker Kate Sullivan, the film Walk Tall is a documentary short that focuses on the amazingly active pensioner Mr Weedon.

Although it was unable to be shortlisted for a Bafta award, because there is currently no documentary short category, filmmaker Miss Sullivan was phoned by Bafta and congratulated on the film.

Throughout the documentary, Mr Weedon shares his views about physical posture while recalling amusing anecdotes about his youth.

Mr Weedon explained how expensive gym equipment was not needed to develop good posture and keep active but said everyday objects, including baked bean cans, could be just as effective.

He said: “Through experience in life you learn things, and I just feel learning through life is the biggest thing.

“Whether you're working, whether you’re exercising or just relaxing at home, you’ve really got to have good posture to get the best out of your body.”

Miss Sullivan said she was delighted to have had the opportunity to make Walk Tall with Mr Weedon.

She said: “It was amazing to work with him as he is such a character and brilliant to work with.

“I’ve always wanted to make a short film, and I have worked for a long time now as a animator and feel very lucky but what I haven’t ever done is make my own film, my own personal film, and I had a few ideas about what I wanted to do but when I met George that was it.”

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