The final plans to create a new open public space on the site of the long-derelict swimming pool at Twickenham Riverside have been unveiled by Richmond Council.

An artist’s impression, plan and written displays, showing how the council would like to open up the site, will be available at a public meeting at Cafe Sunshine, on Twickenham riverside, each Wednesday and Friday between 11am and 3pm, from December 21 to December 30, and on Saturday, December 31.

The site will be cleared of 30 years’ worth of weeds, building materials and debris, to be landscaped into three sections including a grassed area, a park in front of the old diving board, which will be kept as a memorial to the long struggle to re-open the site, and a public square.

The sections will be linked through a running pattern replicating the lanes of a swimming pool, linking to the site’s history.

Leader of the council, Lord True, said: “I can promise that this council will continue to plan for the whole site to be given in trust to the town forever. It cannot, and will no longer, be a political football or be allowed to attract the greed of developers.

“All Twickenham people who have contributed and who have helped to fight off developers more than once in the past should feel proud their scheme will light the way for the wholesale improvement of the town centre through our Twickenham Action Plan.”

Following consultations with people through the Barefoot consultation, the Twickenham Conference and the All in One process, the project is due to start in the new year, with full information available from Wednesday, January 4.

Lord True said: “It is very fitting that the small Jubilee Gardens created to mark Her Majesty’s 50th year, should now reach its full beautiful potential in perfect time for our monarch’s Diamond Jubilee.”