Youngsters from a Green Flag Eco-school last week showed their concern over the devastation from the pollution spill into the River Crane.

Pupils from Archdeacon Cambridge’s School in Twickenham were upset about the pollution, prompting one class to spend an entire lessons discussing the impact of the pollution spill and producing drawings and a piece of writing on how they felt about it.

Many of the pupils from the school, in The Green, walk to school along the River Crane, so were affected by the damage caused to the environment and all the wildlife in Crane Park and Kneller Gardens.

One pupil wrote: “I am very sad because the River Crane has been polluted and every fish has died. I want to stop polluting forever.”

An estimated 10,000 fish were killed after the sewage spill, which happened when a six tonne valve in a major sewer that serves Heathrow, jammed shut on Saturday, October 29, at Cranford Bridge while engineers were carrying out routine maintenance.

The Friends of the River Crane Environment (Force) have been working to improve the Crane corridor for the past eight years and held a volunteer event to help the environment around the sewage spill on Sunday, November 13.

Chairman of Force Rob Gray said: “More than 20 people turned out to help us on the day and we got a lot done, maintaining and improving the green spaces in Crane Park. “Just as pleasing were the large numbers of local families, out in the park for the day, who were interested in our work and concerned about the pollution, but clearly not put off from enjoying their local park.”